In 2011, the Danish company Remove The Background started as specialists in (as the name indicates) removing the background from product images. The service aimes primarily at online merchants, bloggers, designers, photographers and webmasters. Now, the company has extended its concept and hence changes its name to Pixelz, according to Trendsonline.

“As one of the leading experts in product images, we feel the need to brand ourselves more in line with the product and the service we provide. We have become much more than a service that removes the background from the images – and just as we have evolved, should our brand also develop” says Thomas Kragelund, CEO of Pixelz.


Expansion of the concept

Pixelz’s concept has been expanded to include technologies and analysis of webshop’s images. The new technology makes it possible to download all product images and rate these in relation to how well the product is pictured. The rating is done according to four parameters:

  • The quality of the image
  • Uniformity – In order to create transparency and consistency throughout the site.
  • Compression – How well the images are compressed.
  • The number of images of your products – More photos often equals more sales.

Pixelz offers the ability to create an overview of the images’ standard from the four above-mentioned parameters. For shopkeepers this creates the possibility to regularly monitor their development and optimization within product images. Additionally, Pixelz can help shopkeepers meeting the different requirements for ads on Google Shopping.

“Today, we know that it is important to have a quick loadingtime on a site, but there are also studies that show that if you have more than one image of a product, sales will increase by seven percent” says Thomas Kragelund.

Since the start in 2011, Pixelz has expanded: today, the company has offices in nine different countries in three different continents. Pixelz new concept will presumably make the company grow even more!