Overview News, a Sweden-based company expands into Denmark with a new product, Overview News Alerts. It is a powerful and easy to use media monitoring service that lets users follow what the media writes about any given subject and get a mail, SMS or Slack update as soon as a relevant article is published. The Overview team is made up of Gustav Ekberg and Andreas Krohn.

Overview News Alerts is built on the Overview News API. The service Overview News API is a technical interface that enables anyone to search for and access relevant articles from thousands of news publications. With the focus on the new product the startup has entered the Danish market and now can provide their customers with media monitoring in both Sweden and Denmark.

“We expanded to cover Danish news for two reasons – we had Swedish customers with business in Denmark asking for it and we have seen a lot of interest from Denmark in our media monitoring service.” says Andreas Krohn

The service platform is extremely scalable and fast, which was proven when the expansion into Denmark was covered in under 24 hours, due to the superior algorithm.

“Our ultimate goal is to index all the news in the world and make that data easily available.” says Andreas

More immediate goals of Overview News, are to expand their news coverage to a few more countries (UK and Norway for example). They have the product, have proved that there are paying customers and are currently starting to look for investments to accelerate their sales, both in Sweden and internationally. With the plan to go global is it clear that the Denmark expansion is just the first step.