In 2008, Rickard Hansson founded Incentive; a social collaboration platform. 8till5 describes the company as developing a social intranet, a kind of work- related Facebook for individual companies. Recently, Incentive announced at a conference in Las Vegas that they are receiving investments of approximately € 1,5 millions.

”The majority of the money comes from the US. Some of the investors are new, but there are also some of our previous investors who have been in this round” says Rickard Hansson, founder and CEO.

Expansion towards the US

The investment will lay the foundation for a continued expansion on the US market. The head office, formerly located in Malmö, has already been moved to Los Angeles. Currently, fifteen people are working in the American office, while eight people are working in Malmö. Within a year, Incentive’s ambition is to expand the development team to 20- 30 persons and the sales and marketing team to 10 – 20 persons. Marketing and sales department will be located in the United States.

”We want a geek-office with developers in Malmö. There are many extremely talented developers in Sweden and in the Malmö region” says Rickard Hansson.

Since the start, Incentive has received venture capital of approximately € 3 millions. The latest investment will be the starting point to profitability for Incentive; Rickard Hansson estimates that the company will have positive results in early 2016.

Perviously there has been talk about aiming for an IPO soon. If those plans are still relevant with this investment round is unknown.