Flattr, an service co-founded by Peter Sunde of The Pirate Bay fame, has just released an updated version of it’s site and service. Flattr is still about being able to make micropayments to bloggs and sites, but it has now expanded to a concept it calls “add money to your likes”. The idea is simple – with a special button on services and homepages, you can like a page an at the same time make a microtransaction to the owner and creator. The new Flattr now supports “liking” and similar acts on amongst other: Instagram, Twitter (favorite an tweet and flattr it), Flickr and Soundcloud. As well as their own Flattr bottun for websites and bloggs.

Flattr recently got alot of new attention because of the popular TBP AFK documentary, where Peter Sunde is a prominent person and his work with Flattr is mentioned multiple times.

They also made this easy infographic for showing how Flattr works!

If you want to get started it is easy to just register and get going.