In an ambitious move to fortify the entrepreneurial spirit amidst a challenging global climate, Skåne Ventures has been introduced by the Skåne based incubators Minc, Ideon Science Park, Hetch, and Krinova. This collaboration marks the emergence of one of Sweden’s most significant investment structures dedicated to early-stage startups. Skåne Ventures starts with € 3 million (33.6 million SEK) in its initial fund. This fund is earmarked for investments in promising startups over the next two and a half years.

“The last three years have been a crucible for entrepreneurs whose access to capital has been hampered by Covid, the war in Ukraine, and the subsequent recession. With a strong Skåne Ventures, we can finally look forward again and together create favorable conditions for the next generation of companies.”

says Daniel Persson, CEO of Minc

Skåne Ventures’ investment capital is pooled, with half coming from over 70 prominent private investors, primarily business angels, in the region. The state-owned venture capital firm Saminvest joins as a cornerstone investor with a matching contribution. By leveraging combined resources and expertise, the incubators aim to identify promising startups and attract more investors interested in supporting and investing in new ventures, thereby fostering growth and innovation.

The objective of Skåne Ventures is to generate more growth companies in the region and provide financial returns for investors. Moreover, it aspires to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and innovative world. All potential company investments will be evaluated against these criteria during the investment process and ownership management. The first investments are anticipated to occur in the second quarter of 2024, with the possibility of inviting additional investors in a potential second closing if there’s further interest.

“We are incredibly proud that both private and public investors have rallied for Skåne Ventures, not least with considerable engagement and expertise.”

says Ida Herbertsson, responsible for investment structures at Minc

Early investments in innovative startups are crucial for fostering new thinking and innovation, essential for keeping established industries competitive and allowing new ones to emerge. Startups are a vital source of innovation that can strengthen the economy, welfare systems, and citizens, making them attractive for investors seeking returns, long-term growth, and positive social impact.

What Can Entrepreneurs Expect?

Innovative Skåne-based early-stage companies with market-tested products or services and an internationally scalable business model may be eligible for investment from Skåne Ventures. In addition to financial investment, companies will gain access to business coaching, recruitment support, networking, and industry expertise from the participating incubators and investors. Through Skåne Ventures’ investment and support, companies can focus more on their development and less on capital acquisition, paving the way for their growth and success in the challenging yet promising landscape of entrepreneurship.