The Danish startup and charging operator Spirii announces today that Edenred, one of the world’s largest payment and mobility platforms, is taking over the majority of shares in the company. The acquisition is expected to strengthen Spirii’s market position in Europe, the USA and Latin America. The deal with Edenred is a decisive milestone in Spirii’s growth journey and marks an important new phase of the company’s global expansion.

Spirii was founded in 2019 by Torben Fog and Tore Harritshøj and has experienced massive tailwinds and growth over the past five years. The startup, which operates in 18 international markets, is today the second largest charging operator on the Danish market and services some of the world’s largest companies with platform solutions for charging electric transport.

The startup has now reached a significant milestone on its growth journey, when Spirii and Edenred signed a purchase agreement that gives Edenred the majority of the shares in the up-and-coming Danish software company. The previous investors, Nordic Alpha Partners, Aura Energi and Unigestion have exited in this transaction, and Edenred and Spirii’s two founders, Tore Harritshøj and Torben Fog, remain as owners.

The two founders will now – together with the rest of the employees at Spirii – continue to run the company as an independent business arm of Edenred, which is one of the world’s leading payment platforms and provider of business solutions within, among other things, mobility.

“Together with Edenred, we can now seriously accelerate the transition to more sustainable transport by helping companies and electric drivers realize their ambitions before for e-mobility. We are already one of the leading players in Europe – thanks to a huge effort from our employees and partners. And now, in cooperation with Edenred, we get the opportunity to offer even better solutions to our users and partners and accelerate our global expansion.”

says Tore Harritshøj, founder and CEO of Spirii.

The acquisition merges Spirii’s leading platform technology, charging solutions and existing customer portfolio with Edenred’s global customer base of more than one million business customers, two million retailers and 60 million end users in 45 markets. The intention is to strengthen Spirii’s global position and to give Edenred a leading position in a fast-growing market for e-mobility.

“We are very much looking forward to upgrading our products and services in collaboration with Spirii. Our ambition is to be a leader in innovative e-mobility solutions, and the acquisition of Spirii provides gives us the opportunity to reach a much larger customer segment with market-leading products. We look forward to revolutionizing the charging market in collaboration with Spirii and assisting our customers in the electrical transition.”

says Diane Coliche, director of mobility at Edenred