Johan Selin founded Dealguru in Lund late 2022, aiming to build Sweden’s largest community for shopping deals. The startup quickly attracted significant interest, including from Niklas Andersson, previously of Avanza and now with Carnegies Montrose.

“Feedback from our community, which is the core of our business, is incredibly important. There is a desire among our members for an app that makes it easier to navigate among our 8,000 offers, so we will deliver that as soon as possible.”

says Johan Selin

Dealguru recently secured €900,000 (SEK 10M) in venture capital from Finnish VC firms Gorilla Capital and Innovestor, along with angel investors and family offices. The platform, which emphasizes community collaboration in finding and sharing deals, plans to develop an app to simplify navigation through its thousands of offers, responding to user feedback for improved accessibility.

“We invest in teams with a clear vision and the capacity to transform ideas into successful companies with a focus on the customer. Dealguru meets all our criteria with flying colors, which is why they are one of our very first investments from our latest fund.”

says Risto Rautakorpi, managing partner at Gorilla Capital.

Johan has a past building Online Evolution Nordic started in 2014 and later based at Mindpark in Lund, that was acquired by Bonusway 2020.