When Drivhuset for the 10th year opened the registration for the big competition Drivhuset24 the spots were filled quickly! 60 students from Malmö University, Lund University and SLU Alnarp will participate in the competition and each team has 24 hours to solve a specific challenge for a company.

The first prize, a trip to New York for the entire team, drew a lot of interest as well. However there are even greater benefits with the competition.

“Obviously it’s awesome to win a trip to New York. But the true winners are those that come up with solutions so good that the company will implement it! To see ones ideas becoming reality and being used by large companies and startups is really an acknowledgment of one’s ability”

– says Sofia Franzén, who just recently became CEO of Drivhuset Malmö.

The contest will be held between 10th and 11th of March at Malmö University’s new building called Niagara. 10 large companies and organizations from the region participate, including Massive Entertainment and IKEA.

The competition is divided into five phases that will take students through the entrepreneurial process; Research, Brainstorming, Choose your idea, Finishing and Pitch. To assist the student teams there will be eight business coaches from around Skåne present during the challenge.

The competition ends in a decisive moment with a pitch before the jury which consists of representatives from different parts of the regions business sector. Among other things, you will find representatives from ID Communications, Minc, Företagarna and successful entrepreneurs from Malmö.

“This is a great way for students to test how it is to work with business ideas and real business. Many people who are curious about how it is to work with innovation and perhaps are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs themselves some time, get a chance to try out how it is to work in teams with business ideas. Our vision is of course that many of the students want and dare to test their ideas and realize their own dreams after the contest!” says Sofia