ConceptX is a recurring 24-hour long competition where you solve real-world challenges in collaboration with other students and experts in the field. On October the 10th a 24-hour session dedicated to The Future of Biking will be held. A topic that this region excels in, with both Copenhagen, Malmö and Lund being amongst the top in bicycle density and bicycle friendly cities in the world.

Making this region even better for bikes

Traffic planners need to better understand the patterns and flows for bikers in urban environments. The mission of participants at the event is to help cities of Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen to develop a concept that gives traffic planners a better understanding of the bikers’ movement patterns and opportunities, as well as obstacles when choosing bicycle as a mean of transportation. The participants have 24 hours to solve this challenge, together with other students and experts within the field to work on specific cases. Some of the cases are:

  • How can a city better plan their cycling infrastructure using data?
  • How to create better conditions for cyclists by using various IT solutions?
  • How to customize city infrastructure to meet the growing need for high-speed bike lanes?
  • How can we develop city centers to create better conditions for bikers and other participants of the transportation system?


This event is part of the ConceptX series. It is organised by Lunds University’s Student Innovation Center, and will be held at Black Pearl, a student co-working area in Lund. This is the first ConceptX of this semester, futures ones will include one focusing on Future of Transportation (14/11) and Future of Harbours (28/11).

Free to attend – plus travel expenses

ConceptX is a student-friendly event. It is not just free to participate, the organisers will also pay your travel expenses if you live in the Öresund region and want to participate. And of course there is a prize for the winning team – nothing less then a trip to Barcelona – the worlds 13th best bicycle friendly city

The event includes also food and posibility to sleep there.

When: Friday 10th 14:00 – Saturday 11th 14:00
Where: Black Pearl, Lund
Registration: Sign up here