In September 2015 four former managers from Sony Mobile Communications founded Anima Connected. From the start the company established its course towards creating smart and connected wearables. And now, half a year later, the founder and CEO Fredrik Rosén, revealed that Anima’s first product will be a smart watch that will see the market at the end of 2016, shared in DiDigital.

In mid-March, the company will for the first time present the clock for selected journalists and distributors at Basel World, the world’s largest trade show for watches and jewelry. The techy features of the watch will be very subtle. A classic wristband and a pointer will make it look as if the watch is not digital, but the users will definitely know the difference. However, do you need a G-shock watch repair services? Then, you can check out a site like for more info!

“We want to make a timeless classic clock where design comes first. There will be room only for the relevant technologies. For us it’s about creating a tool for the consumer, not building something that creates stress,” – says Linda Malmgren, Communications Chief at Anima.

As a company Anima is created with the goal to develop wearable technologies that would give users a peace of mind and where the design would be a crucial factor. So the new smart watch concept is developed with this philosphy in mind at Malmo-based company. The production process will be taking place in China.

The price of the clock is not yet known. But the market for smart watches in general looks rather promising with the sales expected to doubled between 2015 and 2017.

Anima’s major sharehold is Chinese Goerteks. The milion dollar company listed on Shenzhen stock market invested 10 million euro (94 million SEK) in Anima back in 2015 and owns 75% of the company.