Swedish high growth start-ups are invited to a program where the participants will get insight on the U.S. start-up and venture scenes, gain a strengthened network; as well as getting the opportunity to pitch directly to U.S. investors.
This event is in partnership with Consulate General of Sweden in New York and San Francisco, as well as Guest Venture Forward. Register at Business Sweden.

Venture Capital in the U.S.
The U.S. market is highly attractive for funding – over 70% of global venture capital deals take place in the U.S.. California, New York, and Massachusetts are mainly where the deals take place. The Swedish start-ups have already got a fair share compared to other foreign markets, which means, Swedish companies have great opportunities to get funded.

A week-long program in New York and San Francisco
To introduce the U.S. market to the participants, the program will include:

  • Pitch dry-runs and feedback from VC industry professionals
  • Site visits to VCs and established U.S. companies
  • Learning sessions on topics such as: US market entry, success factors and pitfalls in VC infused growth, start-up valuation
  • Start-up networking events in New York and San Francisco
  • Sign Up Needed
    Applications are accepted until mid-November. The availability for the program is 10-15 start-ups.

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    When: 27 Jan- 31 Jan 2014
    Where: New York and/or San Francisco
    Registration Open: 26 Sep- 15 Nov 2013