The Swedish Minister of Enterprise Annie Lööf inaugurated today an “Innovation Sweden” exhibition and conference, held at the Nordic embassies in Berlin. The aim is to showcase Swedish technology and open markets for the companies presented. From our region the startups Saplo, with their text analysis, and Crunchfish, with their touchless technology where represented. Something that should be deemed ok, as the emphasis was “Stockholm and Berlin”. Other startups present where amongst others: Memoto, Peepoople and Mutewatch.

The conference also put emphasis on better collaboration between the Swedish (and to an extend the Nordic) countries and the Berlin startup scene. Hopefully this is a start for more similar events, preferably with all the Nordic countries present and not just Sweden – something that people involved in this project confirmed, saying that the goal is to enable a broad and accesible network for entrepreneurs between Scandinavia and Germany.

Update: Venture Village made a interesting post about this aswell.