We have, finally, managed to actually produce a startup listing that is a little bit more useful! After more then a year of a simple, and very long, list of startups with Crunchbase‘ embed code, we have finally done a deeper integration with their plugin. This means that:

  • You can now filter the startups after what business areas they are active in
  • It is now possible to view only funded or non-funded startups

With this we hope to finally provide some value with the listing, instead of just having the previous very long list of all the startups.

The list still uses the crunchbase database, and we still add startups manually (and they still need to be in crunchbase in the first place to be able for us to list them), so the process is still not the smoothes. However we believe that by forcing startups into cruchbase in order to be listed actually creates value for them and for the region, so that is why we are sticking to that principle.

So not on the list but want to be? Add your startup to crunchbase, and send us an email when they have approved you!

And, if you are on the list but want to change something, then just click the edit link and edit it directly on crunchbase.

Hope you like it! Big thanks to the guys at Gertrud for helping us out.