Founder Richard Houltz has stepped out of his role as CEO of Cenito Software in Malmö and is investing in incubation, reports Rapidus. A new floor has been decorated in Cenito’s office building on South Tullgatan 4 to house Malmö Startup Studio for technical entrepreneurs in the early stages of development and product launch.

“I recruited a new CEO from October 1 in order to devote myself at half-time to this. It’s good to have Cenito in the back while I build new,” says Richard Houltz.

Peter Berggren and Erik Starck, who run a number of startups already are also behind the incubator initiative. They’ll work as technical co-founders to add technical expertise to startup projects in exchange for equity. The Malmö Startup Studio focus is on strategic experimentation and an execution platform to boost ideas from promising to profitable.

Back at Cenito, with new CEO Daniel Nilsson, the main focus is building designed touch- panels for industry. Co-owner of Cenito, Johan Nilsson says that they plan to grow from 19 to 25 employees next year.

“We want to scale up in the future. We have good up-sell to existing customers, but will also grow in the mobile with app development,” says Johan Nilsson.

Alongside Johan Nilsson and principal owner Richard Houltz, are Dan Persson, Joel Fjord and Henrik Strömberg. Customers include Gambro, Alfa Laval, CGI, Nokia and Microsoft. The company had a turnover of around €1.3 million, or just under 12 million SEK in 2012.