Today, Tuesday 14 May 2013, is a historic day, as the Entreprenor 24 blog reports, becuase becomes completely free.

In a revolutionary movement against expensive skills agencies, YooDo lets you search their database of over 1500 creatively talented programmers and web designers for the right price. Totally free. And they’re asking everyone to spread the word to friends and acquaintances, because they want it to be easy and fun to find the talent you need.

The Lund-based startup recognises it can be hard to come by good designers and developers. They themselves had lots of ideas for exciting startups but found it difficult to find the right code Ninjas for the mission. From this, the cloud was born. It’s creative talents, students, freelancers and small companies within web design and programming, brought together to make them easy to find, though a virtual advertising system. Try it!