A Chinese mobile manufacturer will use Crunchfish’s technology allowing users to control their phone with gestures rather than with their touch.

Which mobile manufacturer is involved is secret, but according to CEO Joakim Nydemark, it is one of China’s major domestic players. The deal is initially worth a million dollars followed by ongoing royalties.

“[The deal ] could be worth several millions since the [buying ]company has very large production volumes” says Joakim Nydemark to Rapidus.

Crunchfish has developed a patented software for their so called touchless-interaction with basically all electronic devices which have a camera such as tablets and mobile phones. The implementation of the software doesn’t need extra hardware as the in-built camera reads hand-movements which are translated with the help of their unique software.

“We are now getting our product out on the market and we take it through a commercialization project which is a milestone in the company’s development”, says Joakim Nydemark.

The technique will be used in both existing as well as in future models of the Chinese manufacturer. The first units are expected to be shipped out during the later part of the summer.

Crunchfish was founded in 2010 and underwent a restructuring last year when Mohammed Al-Amoudi and serial entrepreneur Joachim Samuelsson went in as investors. The focus is now completely on touchless technology, which proves to be fruitful.