Copenhagen startup GameAnalytics founder and CEO Morten E. Wulff, has announced on their blog that the GameAnalytics service for data-driven game development is now 100% free. They’re aiming to democratise game improvement.

Launched 8 months ago, GameAnalytics mission is to empower developers and nurture a culture of creativity with the analytical within game companies. In February, the company received a €1.7M investment.

Game developers can monitor their players with metrics-based feedback, how and when they are engaging, for how long, etc. GameAnalytics say Unity got the democratisation process going with game development tools to be competitive. The tools should be available everyone, not just big companies with resources for dedicated analysts and complex systems.

To make GameAnalytics free, and gain revenue, they’re working on more sophisticated data mining tools for enterprises, to be released over the next 6-12 months. A private beta is available already for one tool, Miner. Check it out or sign up for the original, 100% free.