This January, Christian Seidelin, former CFO of Norwegian pharmaceutical company Nycomed, signed to invest 3 million Danish kroner (€400 thousand) into ActionPlanner. After exiting Nycomed, Seidelin had expressed his interest in investing capital into a startup, which led to his investment in Veloso’s ActionPlanner earlier this year.

ActionPlanner is an application designed for executive management with the objetive of enabling firms to align, empower and progress.  This tool helps firms and individuals to plan for the future by encouraging them to establish clear goals, identify milestones and create realistic deadlines. The product, which is web-based, offers an efficient and hassle-free way for businesses of all scales to recognize their goals and implement strategies in order to achieve them.

ActionPlanner is the brainchild of Victor Veloso, who launched the product three years ago and has been working on it for six. He recognizes his creation as being vital to businesses who wish to attain the goals they set:

“Companies are great at making strategies and action plans. They are less good at following up on them… The result is that things do not happen, so you do not reach the goals you have set. ” Victor Veloso

Victor is a man who has his fingers in many pies; he involves himself in numerous projects and activities. Alongside his work as the Senior Executive Consultant at Veloso, he engages actively in ActionPlanner as the company’s main driving force, as well as working as a spinning instructor at fitness dk.

Since its launch, ActionPlanner has achieved multiple prominent, international clients including Nordea, FOSS and NCC, but the company still hasn’t gained the international recognition it might deserve.

The investment from Christian will primarily go towards funding the company’s growth, hopefully allowing it to expand to a scale at which it is able to achieve the traction necessary to succeed in Silicon Valley. To do so, ActionPlanner intends to hire a chief marketing officer (CMO) who will ensure that the company is recognized among Scandinavia’s other top dogs, thus finally granting the company more recognition within the industry.