For more than 20 years, the independent and non-profit organization Internetstiftelsen(Internet Foundation) has worked to promote the development of the Internet through various initiatives. With Goto10, the Internet Foundation wants to lower the thresholds both for those who want to develop themselves or their idea, and for those who want to share their knowledge in Internet-related topics. More than 11 000 people have become members and approximately 1 000 events have been held in Stockholm’s Goto10 since 2017.

On 23rd October, Internetstiftelsen has opened its doors to the new Goto10 in Malmö. Goto10 is a meeting place for Internet-related knowledge, events, networking, hackatons, and work. It is located at the entire ground floor of the new Mindpark Malmö Central.

At Goto10 in Malmö, there is a work lounge where members can sit and work. There are separate meeting and telephone rooms, and space for holding your own events. There is equipment for those who want to record podcasts or make 3D prints. All that is needed to stay in and use the premises and equipment is a free membership. Moreover, It will also be the home of Foo Café, which hosts hundreds of events annually.

“That it was Malmö felt obvious. Here, activity is simmering and the city ranks high when it comes to what support start-up technology companies can receive. And we see a great advantage with several universities in the region and the proximity to the continent. We believe that when people from different backgrounds and with different knowledge meet, ideas grow”, says Jannike Tillå, Business Area and Communications Manager at the Internetstiftelsen.

Even before the opening, more than 400 people have become members of Goto10 in Malmö online, and over 50 events are already planned by committed members, both on-site and digitally: everything from programming courses for young people, meetings with the innovation authority Vinnova, draws on the robots of the future, or lectures on effective teleworking.

The Internetstiftelsen collaborates with Mindpark, which has established a new coworking space in the same building.

Due to the circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to organise a big opening event. However, there will be lots of different smaller events throughout late October and November. Check a part of the programme via this link.