The online football platform Tonsser has just announced that they have received angel investment from Podio co-founder Kasper Hulthin and Phil Chambers. For the startup, which in short is a real-life version of the classical manager game for amateur football, this is the first investment.

Kasper Hulthin is co-founder of the collaborative work platform Podio and Phil Chambers is CTO in Podio. With the involvement those two, Tonsser does not only get investment, but also an international experienced advisors with close connections both in the Copenhagen- and the international startup community. This is a strong addition to Tonsser’s already close connections in the world of football due to the involvement of Jeppe Curth, who is both a professional football player and a co- founder of Tonsser together with Peter Holm and Simon Hjære.

“Tonsser is like a real-life version of the classical manager game with you and your teammates in the middle.” says co-founder Jeppe Curth

Tonsser was founded early February 2013 with the ambition to make a global football platform uniting real players, coaches and clubs with real statistics and results in order to make football more professional.
Currently, there is no place for players, coaches or clubs to save and keep track of their own performances and history.

”We want to empower football players around the world to control their own football identity. I’ve been playing hundreds of football matches in my career and there is no online profile that conveniently merges my own history of former clubs, tournaments, statistics from previous matches and seasons. This is the reality for both professional as for amateur footballers.” says Jeppe

“Tonsser is challenging a lot of the assumptions or conventional wisdom people have had in the football industry so far. If looking at the music industry the back catalogue of music will be extremely valuable in the future and the same thing goes for the sport of football. We believe that statistics will be a currency of great value to clubs, coaches and players in the future.” says co-founder Simon Hjære

Tonsser plans to remain invitation-only while developing their product. Currently, you can request an invite on their website.