Sydsvenskan reports that the startup e-health startup eDiabeat has taken an investor on board. The startup has developed a web-based solution where diabetics and their families can learn to cope with the disease better. This by using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and game mechanics.

The investor is Martin Bråkenhielm. Mårten has a past with the Bizpart Engage / Alien Interactive startup.

“This feels great, we share the same ideas about reinforcing behaviors through better education and more motivation” says Martin to Sydsvenskan.

“I’m going in as a catalyst in the company and see that we can go global instantly when they done clinical tests.”

With the investment he becomes an active role in the startup, and joins the founders Annica Carnbring Belfrage and Richard Laurits as the core team. How much money he invests has not been disclosed.

Recently eDiabeat also won the Swedish local Venture Cup finale, and they will be competing in the national finales in Umeå later this month.