Trendsonline reports that Denmark’s SEED Capital fund is the second most active investor in Europe.

Drawing on the Dow Jones Venture Source Quarterly Report SEED Capital’s 13 investments since the last quarter of 2012, makes them Europe’s second most active investor, only surpassed by the German High-Tech Gründerfonds. It is something that SEED Captial partner Lars Andersen, of course, is very pleased with:

“We knew that we are a very active investor, but that we actually was the second most active investor in Europe is a positive surprise. The SEED Capital gets a high ranking shows that we in Denmark have really good entrepreneurs. I also greatly that it focuses on the need for pre-seed venture funds like us who invest early in the process. Trustpilot is a super example of a small business who received funding very early in infancy, and has managed to capitalize on the capital they received, in full, “said Lars Andersen partner, SEED Capital.

The investments comprise of three MedTech investments and ten in the field of Technologies. They are as follows:


Pion Imaging System
GreenGo Energy
Gasp Solar
Light Extraction

The report summary outlines the quarterly findings for European venture capital fundraising, investment, and liquidity.

Highlights for 1Q 2013:

European venture capital fundraising declined from 4Q 2012 and 1Q 2012 in both the number of funds closed and capital raised;
Venture capital investment into European companies experienced a quarter-over-quarter increase;
A single venture-backed initial public offering (IPO) was completed during the quarter, the lowest figure since 1Q 2010. Merger and acquisition (M&A) deal activity also fell from the previous quarter.