Kvittar, Malmö-based company that provides digital receipt services, has transferred its operations to development and consulting company Boldsie reports Sydsvenskan.

Boldsie is owned by Ingemar Pettersson, Kvittar co-founder and CEO, and the brothers Sebastian and Alexander Simson, developers at Kvittar. They work with development of mobile services and apps – for both the company’s own account and as consultants.

“The Kvittar service will be developed further. What form it will take is something we are working on now, so I will not be able to go into it in detail,” shares Ingemar Pettersson to Sydsvenskan.

“We will continue to try to simplify the company’s handling of important documents in the future. Where receipts are an important part but there are still things to do, to make the daily work simpler, safer and more efficient. Boldsie will build on the knowledge we have gained from working with Kvittar, to deliver services that give our customers a better workflow.” Ingemar adds

Anna Oscarsson, another co-founder and board president at Kvittar, has no role in Boldsie and now she is looking for new start-up companies to engage in. She believes that digital receipt concept has future but it will take a long time to develop it.

“It is only when it becomes a natural part of other existing structures that will be able to grow on a larger scale,” writes she.

So far Kvittar has come a long way but there is still much to be accomplished. Founded in 2009, the company has received over 33 000 euro from Vinnova for the development of its service in 2010. In 2012 Kvittar’s earnings amounted to about 38 000 euro. Low turnover was the reason why the company started looking for new owners.