Joakim Jardenberg, voted one of the most influental techinvestors in Europe (#14) and “1 of the 10 people PM Fredrik Reinfeldt should listen to” has now taken a part time job as the business developer at an incubatorprogram in the northern Øresund Region, with Helsingborg as focus point.
This is the first “job” Joakim has had for many years

“This gives me a chance to work dedicated with what I find the most fun, to help develop others”

Joakim said in a blog post where the news was announced.

“I have often let my frustration with the ‘innovationsystem’ been known. This is my chance to put my money where my mouth is”.

Jardenberg has for many years been a public figure with the very popular blogg Jardenberg kommenterar and withh involvements in companies such as Planeto and Videoplaza. It will be very interesting to see what he can do on his new job. We wish him the best of luck!

Transperency: Think, one of the incubators Joakim will work at, is located at the co-workingspace SHIP Helsingborg, run be your author and founder of this site.