The Nørrebro theatre, located in artistic Nørrebro, is struggling to cover operating costs even though it is said to be the only theatre that uses a unique fusion of acting, stand-up comedy and live music. The Nørrebro theatre gets most of its finance from ticket sales and therefore wants an 80% seat occupancy rate in the next two seasons. For this mission CSE (Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship) set out a competition with a 10.000 dKr reward for the team who solves this problem:

How can Nørrebro Theatre increase ticket sales and revenue and thus achieve a 80% seat occupancy rate within the next two seasons, and introduce profitable new activities at the same time?

Nørrebro theatre reckons that great opportunities are to be found in the B2B market, wider use of digital channels and the after sales process. Do you believe that there are solutions in those segments; or do you have an entrepreneurial idea about this problem yourself to beat the declining sales in times of recession? Then sign-up for this event held at Howitzvej 60, 6th floor, 2000 Frederiksberg from 7 – 8pm by sending an email to

The winning team will be announced on the 9th of November, at the Friday networking bar (CBS). Øresund start-ups will be present at this event and publish a feature about it shortly after.