IconFinder in 500 start-ups

IconFinder becomes the first Danish participant in the accelerator program called 500 start-ups. The company provides a search engine focused merely on icons. When it was launched in 2007 it was the first search engine of its kind. Now they have over one million unique visitors, and the tool is commonly used amongst many web […]

Accelerace invests in Conferize

TrendsOnline reports that Conferize, the online plattform for conferences, has just recieved and investment by Accelerace Invest. How much is not dislosed, but it’s rumoured to be a “decent six digits” euro sum. Conferize has been getting alot of attention lately, and they seem to be going strong and getting more paying costumers onboard. In […]

Open mic @ Republikken with Stardust and ITU-innovation

On monday the 5th of November the entrepreneurial student-organisations Stardust (both at CBS and DTU) as well as ITU-innovation will hold an open mic session at the creative hub Republikken. The concept is simple: You send a single line describing your pitch to listentojohan@gmail.com. From those the pitches are selected, and they will get 3 […]

New danish startups database at startuponline.dk

TrendsOnline have started their own online database over danish startups over at startupsonline.dk. They have created their own backend and frontend solutions, which looks good. Right now it seems to have a total of almost 150 startups listed, which is a good overview and alot of companies that we haven’t listed are there. Not all companies […]

Schibsted invest in Riidr

TrendsOnline reports that Schibsted Media Group, one of the largest media-companies in Scandinavia invest in Riidr and their e-book business. Riidr was one of the first companies to focus on e-books in Denmark, and they have developed their own app for both the iOS and Android platforms. No sum for the investment has been mentioned, […]

Image stolen from http://geekgirlmeetup.com/

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund – 2gether we reach the future

It is once again time for the geekiest women in the Öresund region to meet up. The Geek Girl Meetup Öresund will take place at Stpln in Malmö on November 17th, bringing together 100 women interested in web, technology and innovation. The theme for this years unconference is “2gether we reach the future”. There will […]

Copenhagen Code Clubbing!

Code Clubbing, having been held in Malmö (at STPLN and MEC) and Helsingborg (at SHIP) earlier, will have it’s first event in Copenhagen, at Founders House, on friday the 26th october. Code Clubbing is just what it sounds like – nice music and nice atmosphere, but instead of dancing there is coding! It is a […]

Saplo and Qlikview predict the US election

Saplo, a startup that works with text-analysis, has teamed up with one of the regions success-stories, Qlikview, to create an interactive website analysing the presidential election campaigns. An easy to use application that lets you see what is being said in news articles and tweets on the web about both candidates. It also gives an […]

Making stuff and making stuff happen

This is a shout out to all the creative people in Malmö, or better yet, to everybody outside Malmö as well. October 19th-21st, this weekend, it’s time for the fourth installment of Hacknight at Stpln (Stapelbäddsparken). The event is really a group effort showcasing the Malmö creativity scene, where crafts such as textile work, laser […]

Likemind – Copenhagen

Likemind is a monthly coffee talk with random young professionals with no particular agenda. The initiative started off in New York by two individuals of which one shared a blog invitation for the meet up. 20 people showed up and the initiative grew from that day onwards. Likemind now hosts events in Europe, South America, […]