Contentor, a translation service provider that specializes in e-commerce, is broadening its geographical horizon. In a recent press release, it was announced that Contentor will expand and open the doors to an office in Berlin, Germany.

Initially founded in the Swedish city of Helsingborg in 2008, Contentor employed students to produce web texts. Fast forward nine years, and the startup has exceeded an annual turnover of €1,5 million with a clientele that includes companies such as Footway, Partykungen, Nordic Choice Hotels and Tailor Store. The e-commerce text supplier has been in a phase of establishment in the German capital for a couple of months, a German website is on its way and they’re currently searching for a German Marketing Manager.

“Germany has great potential to become a large e-commerce market, and Berlin has come a long way in terms of digitalization, e-commerce and internationalization; Rocket Internet and Internet Stores has its heart in Berlin, after all”, says Rebecca Brodd, CEO of Contentor, to

Contentor aims to be fully established in the German market by the end of the year. However, even though they strive to become the strong link for e-commerce between Germany and Scandinavia, the main focus of success is geared towards Berlin.

“The German e-commerce market is regarded mature and less mature at the same time. As an effect, it’s important to take the different regions and cities in Germany into separate consideration. For example: just because we become the number one partner in Berlin, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll succeed in all regions and cities throughout Germany”, says Rebecca Brodd to

Transparency: the initiator of Øresund Startups, Karsten Deppert, is one of the founders of Contentor. 

Picture: Contentor’s CEO, Rebecca Brodd.