Over half a year ago, just after eight months of being in the CEO position at My Doctor, Charlotta Tönsgård was forced to leave the company. However, today Charlotta is on her way back in her professional career. Her first assignment is at GWS (Global Warning System), the app for safe traveling. It will be Charlotta’s first ‘big’ mission since My Doctor.

When about six months ago My Doctor Board decided to replace Charlotte as a CEO, the immediate effect of this was so devastating that a heavy Scandinavian startup profile wrote a huge article. They criticized the management of the company and the decision of Christian W Jansson, the chairman. The article ended with an apology for their “inappropriate and unfortunate statements”.

Charlotta Tönsgård left the storm. She decided to take a break and was traveling abroad. Her friends have not forgotten Charlotta and were supporting her during this not the easiest period of her life.

“They felt they wanted to say something, mainly that everything will be fine again soon. I spent Cristmas, surrounded by nice people. What is more, I had a chance to think of some new ideas” – says Charotta to 8till5.se

In April, she began meeting with people who had heard of her ideas and were interested in them. One of these people was Lars Lindgren, the founder and the largest owner of the Global Warning Systems, that makes apps for safe traveling. As Charlotta states:

“After Christmas I did not want just to jump in any project. I was thinking properly during this spring what should be my the next step, and soon I arrived at the conclusion that I want to work with the companies that use front-edge technology to make our lives better. GWS suits perfectly”, Charlotta says to 8till5.se

According to Charlotte, she is planning to get back to work this fall.

“I have not decided yet whether I should start something on my own or take an assignment in an existing company. Do not think I will not be working full-time boards. It would probably have been too early at this time”.