Abeo AS, a Danish company that offers revolutionary building technologies, has been nominated in the category “Europe’s best spin-out” at the Academic Enterprise Awards conference organized by Science|Business. The award is given to a European company that managed successfully commercialize an invention from a research institute. This year’s event will be held on June 4th.

Abeo AS was established in 2010 as a result of cooperation between the Technical University of Denmark, the venture capital fund SEED Capital and a group of entrepreneurs Kristian Hertz, Mads Løntoft, Peter Hertz and Alexander Wulff. The company provides Super-Light Structures and Pearl-Chain Reinforcement technologies invented and patented by professor Kristian Hertz from DTU. The catch of the new concrete technology is that it is environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

The nomination of Abeo AS has put Danish innovation on the global map of entrepreneurship.

“Danish Universities are generating ideas day by day. Unfortunately, the ideas often end up in a drawer somewhere without realizing its true potential”, says CEO of Abeo A/S, Hans Terney Rasmussen.

The hope is that international recognition will help to accelerate transformation of knowledge into growth and jobs.