Sydsvenskan published an interview with Dan Nisson, famous for his earlier blogging at and now, and who recently sold a majority stake of his webshop Roliga Prylar to Net Departo Ventures. Selling one of his webshops has been one of his goals for ten to eleven years and the webshop will now start to enter Denmark and Finland. We translated some quotes from the interview in Sydsvenskan:

Which setback did you learn the most from?

“The biggest lesson in the last while was when my business got bought. I have strived to make an exit, to sell my webshop, for ten to eleven years. As an entrepreneur you miss a boss who says: “Well done”, but making an exit is an external confirmation that you did well. I figured that I would be satisfied with myself. But I have never felt such an anticlimax as when I signed the papers and got the money. I felt satisfaction for like twenty seconds after which I felt an urge to keep working, keep growing.”

“After that I got the worlds’ insight: that it is important that you have fun in those ten years… Now I only work with things that I think are fun.”

Read the full interview (in Swedish) here.