Internetstiftelsens concept Goto 10, together with Mindpark, have announced they will establish a new house for entrepreneurs and tech community in central Malmö. This will be in the Slagthuset complex, owned by Wihlborgs. Softhouse has also announced they will move into the building.

Mindpark, who has recently been awarded the title of “Best Coworking Space” in the Nordics, is again expanding and will move into the area of 1 300 square meters in the three lower floors, where together with the Internetstiftelsen’s concept Goto 10 they will run coworking, conferences, café and events. Opening is scheduled for the middle of August.

“Mindpark is located in our property Hermes 10 in Helsingborg, and we are of course very pleased that we can develop the relationship with them. I am also pleased that we can [develop] Slagthuset […] with the development of new, creative environments and a series of new, dynamic companies in the house. This is also a nice puzzle piece in the development of Nyhamnen”, says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

Goto 10 in Malmö will be the second location of the concept, their first outside Stockholm. They offers a free and inclusive coworking space, opportunities for networking and event participation. Goto 10 lowers the thresholds for those who want to develop themselves or their idea, and enables anyone who wants to share their knowledge in internet-related topics. At the moment, the Stockholm Goto 10 coworking space has had over 10 000 members and hosted over 1 000 events since 2017.

“We want to be a meeting place that creates the conditions for you to formulate your ideas, and we offer a place with a network and knowledge that contributes to more ideas being tested and more taking the next step. We believe that when people from different backgrounds and with different knowledge come together, ideas can grow”, says Jannike Tillå, Business and Communications Manager in Internetstiftelsen.

“Slagthuset is located in an expansive area and it will be exciting to be part of the development together with Wihlborgs and the Internetstiftelsen. At the moment Mindpark is located in Helsingborg, Lund, Malmö Hyllie and soon also in Malmö City. As Skåne is a tight region, where there is a lot of exchange and business between these three cities, this creates a unique opportunity for our colleagues who have a home in each city”, Sanna continues.

The tech company, Softhouse, is also moving into Slagthuset’s area of 1 100 square meters, with the help of companies like moving companies edmonton. Softhouse is engaged in software development and has a total of 200 employees spread over seven offices.

“Softhouse has just completed a record year and plans to grow further in the future. In Slagthuset we get larger, more modern premises that are optimized for teamwork and knowledge-sharing. A large number of our customers today using Softhouse as a solution provider that we often deliver from our own premises. In addition, the co-location in Slagthuset with parties such as Mindpark and Goto 10 creates an entire ecosystem that we believe will benefit everyone who sits in the premises”, says Roland Ferngård, the CEO of Softhouse Consulting Öresund AB.

Source: Fastighetstidningen, Mindpark & Internetstiftelsen.