What a way to start the new year: next January, twelve companies including my company will move into Malmö’s new entrepreneur-house, coming together to share 500 square meters in the area of Värnhem. The lucky 12 include the likes of Shape, Mapillary, Userbin, Modcam, Brisk, Ipiit, Hemlis, Mionix and Owegoo.

Established entrepreneurs Hampus Jakobsson and Karl-Anders Johansson are the brilliant minds behind the new plot for having bought the property after receiving an expert property advice, and then turning it into an entrepreneur-house. The two have worked together in Tat, which they co-founded.

The 15th of January is moving-in day and renovations are currently in full swing Several of the companies moving in currently reside in Jard on Stora Nygatan 36.

According to Hampus Jakobsson, there’s no need to worry about bad blood between the rental owner of Stora Nygatan and the entrepreneur-duo. The move is purely in the interest of acquiring more space and the two have nothing but praise for their former location:

“The Jard building was too small, so we decided to find something new. But to anyone who is seeking a central facility of 200 square meters, Jard is super nice.”

The new entrepreneur-house is also the center for the start-up entrepreneur group Malmo Startups. The house includes ample meeting and recreation areas which Hampus Jakobsson believes is important to get business started.

We all know that the most defining characteristic of a house is its name, although Shakespeare might not agree, so what do they plan to call it?

“We don’t know yet, it’s tricky. Either we keep Jard or we come up with something new,” says Hampus Jakobsson.

We wish the two entrepreneurs and the twelve companies involved the best of luck and hope for a safe and hassle-free move!

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