Swedish online store Roliga Prylar has now become a part of Adlibris Group.

After several years of declining in sales, Alphageek AB who owns Roligaprylar.se has returned to growth again. The figure reached 20 million SEK (2.12 million Euro) in last year from 16 million SEK (1.69 million Euro) in 2015.

In early 2015, Anton and Oscar Troedson from Malmö-based sortiment.se took over Alphageek AB from Net Departo.  After that, it seems they have set the company to the right track.

“2016 has been a very good year for Alphageek with high growth, a substantial broadening of the products offering and better customer satisfaction. With the size, experience and economies of scale Adlibris group provides, we are confident that Alphageek is in the right hands”,says Anton Troedson from Alphageek AB.

Alphageek AB now consists of online stores Roligaprylar.se, Alphageek.no, Alphageek.fi and Alphageek.dk with a niche focusing on toys, gifts and party gadgets. Adlibris Group believes this meets its growth strategy to a broader product range. Adlibris Group now consists of e-commerce sites as Adlibris, Discshop, Bamba, Odla and Kökets favoriter. The turnover of the group is close to 1.8 billion SEK (0.19 billion Euro)in 2016.