Polhus, an e-commerce company from Malmö, develops and sells easily assembled smaller wooden houses. During the summer, its sales increased by 85 percent, compared with last year. According to the CEO Oscar Troedson, they are now the largest online actor in their field in terms of sales, and they aim for ca. € 50 million by 2023.

“We have a proven case in terms of growth. When we jumped on and bought out the founder in 2017, the company had almost € 3.8 million in sales and since then we have gradually increased. First to just under € 5.7 million, then just over € 7.5 million, and now we are moving towards € 13.2 million this year”, says Oscar Troedson to Rapidus.

He bought the company – then a traditional wooden house company in Dalarna that only sold to retailers – together with his brother Anton Troedson. They have turned it into an e-commerce company, moved to Malmö and opened production in Estonia. At the moment the webshop operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany, and is scheduled to be released in approximately the same number of European countries by next year.

“Swedish houses have designs that stand out internationally, and our product catalog is strong. Germans definitely like it, we have noticed. We have succeeded with the logistics and IT systems and know that we can achieve profitability quickly in more markets”, says Oscar Troedson.

Polhus currently has 13 employees and plans to grow by another five people after the turn of the year.