Swedens ‘king of e-commerce’, Dan Nilsson, got his reputation for his transparent and honest blogging, both when he was active with affiliate sites as well as when he started up what is now how his biggest e-commerce store – Roliga Prylar. That, together with him starting what is now the Swedens biggest e-commerce community Ehandel.se, has made him the ‘smaller e-commerce entrepreneurs champion‘ in Sweden.

Now Roliga Prylar takes it’s first steps outside Sweden. With the launch of Alphageek.dk, the Danish site is up and running (even if still some improvements left to do according to Dan).

“We have ambitious plans for growth, a big part of this growth will come from new markets with focus on the nordic countries. We launched Denmark first because it was the first country to be ready. Finland will launch next week and Norway before july is over.”

This is one of the many changes that has happened to Roliga Prylar the last year – getting investments from Net Departo Ventures being another big change, as well as out-sourcing their warehouse, something Dan earlier was very sceptic towards.

About launching under a different brand in Denmark, he says:

“We wanted a name that positioned us against the competition. We’re not mainstream, our main target customer is the geeks, gamers and nerds. And these days Geek is not a bad thing any more, but rather something people aspire to be. So basically we want a name people remember. The Alpha Geek is the most prominent geek in the office, the person with the most Objective C-books, the person who memorized 500 decimals of Pi, basically the person all geeks want to become”

Appart from the fact that the name “roliga prylar” might not have been so good in Danish anyway – given the very big difference in the meaning of the word “rolig” in Swedish (rolig=fun) compared to Danish (rolig=calm).

If the new brand will be used in Sweden as well in the future is still not comfirmed, where the site still operates under the Roliga Prylar name.

Transperacy: Dan Nilsson is also co-founder of Contentor, where I also am co-founder. Also Retevo AB, the company behind Alphageek / Roliga Prylar just moved into their offices at SHIP co-working space, which my company is in charge off. This has nothing to do with the article but should be mentioned as I believe in honesty and transparency /Karsten