Updated 24-07-2013! After the publication of this we got feedback of more investments that we hadn’t tracked! We have now updated the stats with those numbers. If more information comes to us, we will update them again!

One of the things we want to focus on with Øresund Startups is tracking funding in startups in the region. The reason is simple: funding is an external validation that proves that somebody believes in a startup, and that it is not just a great idea, but also an idea that can be executed. We also believe that it is of interest for others seeking funding to know what funding deals have been made, and who possible investors are.

Therefor we have put together the data that we have been notified about the last 6 month, january – june 2013. We have done that in an simple spreadsheet, and listed a couple of data points:

  • Date (approximatly)
  • Invested amount (when disclosed)
  • What startup
  • Which investors
  • Business sector of the startups (if B2B or B2C)
  • What cluster in the region the startup belongs to

Some interesting investment highlights from the first 6 month of 2013:

Update: after publishing this we got some feedback with more investments we had missed. The numbers below are updated with the newest stats!

Of the investments we have registered:

  • A total of 28 investments have been tracked. The total is not officially known, but our estimations and words from unofficial sources put the total to between 18-21 million euros.
  • 14 of the 28 investments are Copenhagen based
  • The biggest investment was in Crunchfish, but it was only slightly larger then others
  • More or less equal B2B then B2C startups have received funding (14 B2B and 13 B2C and 1 that is both)
  • SEED Capital was the most active investment fund
  • SEED Capital was also the fund which has invested the most money in the period (according to released numbers)
  • Half of the investments (14 of the 28) where from private investors, either a known angel / VC or a multitude of angels.
  • Private investments also account for roughly half of the total value invested, around 8-10 million euros of the total 18-21 million euros (estimated in cases where not publicly known)

Note that the list above is only with data from 1 january – 30 june 2013. The recent big investments in Vivino as well as Opbeat are not part of it, they will be part of the next report.

As a bonus we also put together the numbers for our first month of operations, september – december 2012. However, as that is not a complete 6 month period we did not want to make a full report of that. The numbers can be found in the spreadsheet, in the second tab. These numbers may also be quite incomplete, as during that period we just started tracking startups and might have missed a lot.

Also – if you know about investments which we have missed, let us know! Either in an email or in the community group.

The stats are embeded at the top of the posts, but if you have trouble viewing them you can find them here as a Google Drive spreadsheet.

If you want to download the numbers as .csv you can find them here.