8till5 reports that Modcam announced two new members on it’s board. These are none other then Bert Nordberg and Johan Lenander.

“They are two very good people to have on board. They have a network and a credibility that means a lot to us.” says Modcams CEO Andreas Nordgren

Bert Nordberg, previous CEO at Sony Mobile, and now chairman at Vestas, is a powerhouse in the corporate world in Scandinavia.

Johan Lenander, previously at TAT and also a past as CEO at Aspiro, where he launched the WIMP music player in 2006 (a company that recently got a lot of attention when it was acquired by Jay-Z). Johan is now one of the most active business angels in this region, often together with Hampus Jakobsson.

Modcam was founded in 2013 by Bogdan Tudosoiu, Jan-Erik Solem, Tord Wingren and Karl-Anders Johansson. It is a startup that is active in the field of image analysis. It’s sensors, launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March, enable users to do advanced image analysis on the fly, such as counting people in a crowd and analyze how they move. Neither the images or video needs to leave the unit.

The startup is currently talking to investors and aims to raise a million euro round later this year.

“This is necessary for us to reach the growth we want, now that we are approaching commercial volume.” says Anders to 8till5