Former CPO of Tesla, Peter Carlsson joins Swedish startup Modcam, a company that develops smart cameras with built-in system for image analysis.

The amount of investment by Peter in the startup is unknown but the main contributions by him are his networking skills and Business contacts.

“I think they have a very interesting software and hardware that can help both commercial and public environments to optimize their staffing and understand how well you utilize the spaces,”- says Peter Carlsson in Breakit.

Modcam elaborates about its product by saying,

“Our platform is tailored for video content analytics through our in-depth knowledge about image processing and the interaction between software, hardware and camera sensor. Modcam gives you the ability to see, understand and react.”

Modcam is founded by Andreas Nordgren, Karl-Anders Johansson and Bogdan Tudosoiu, who also own 50% of the company. Among other co-owners are Spintop Venture, Robert Bosch Ventures and Sony Ericsson’s former CEO Bert Nordberg.