Skåne-based impact startup Bintel has successfully closed a new investment round of €1.25 million (SEK 14 million) to expand their smart digital solutions for the waste industry, with investors including Almi Invest Greentech and EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology)

“What we’re seeing now is great – our solution has a very clear value proposition and delivers a quick return on investment to our customers. That, together with macro events, means that we are now handling just over a million [SEK] per month in incoming orders. It is great that both existing and new investors believe in us and what we do. We are now moving forward and aim to reach a cash flow positive position by summer and then take the next step in our growth journey”,

says Michael Wictor, CEO at Bintel

One of the biggest costs in waste management is handling residual waste, and Bintel’s solution helps customers achieve better source sorting through data analysis, reducing residual waste and operating costs while promoting environmental sustainability. The company is experiencing a surge in demand due to increased emission rights costs and stricter industry regulations.

The investment from Almi Invest Greentech (one of Bintel’s investors since 2021) and EIT highlights the growing interest and support for sustainable and environmentally responsible practices within the waste industry. Bintel’s innovative technology and commitment to sustainability align with the goals of both investors, making this partnership a strategic move towards a greener future.