Helsingborg-based startup Bintel is an innovative waste management business, that develops sensors for measuring waste levels, materials, temperature, position, tampering and movement.

When the data is collected from waste bins, Bintel’s machine learning is applied with an aim of optimizing waste collection in a municipality. If you check my blog you will learn how the startup also has cloud solutions that creates smarter routes for waste-collecting transport. As a result, it brings a more cost-efficient service for the customer and saves the environment with reduced CO2-emissions and better sorted waste.

Now Bintel has signed a cooperation agreement with Acconeer, regarding the development of waste management solutions based on Acconeer’s radar technology. They have collaborated with several dumpster rentals and you can visit Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental website to find more information. The first product from the cooperation is expected to be released by Bintel during the second quarter of 2019.

“We see a great potential for Acconeer’s unique radar sensor and are proud to be their partner to serve customers both locally as well as globally”, says Tom Johansen, CEO of Bintel.

Acconeer, a semiconductor startup from Lund that in late 2017 made a successful IPO, works on developing a radar sensor that opens a new world of interaction. It has low power consumption, high precision, small size and high robustness. Its features include motion detection, distance measurement camera-supported applications.

“[Bintel has] many ongoing commercial trials both in Sweden and internationally, and is consequently an ideal partner for us. We are confident that together we can develop the markets best solution based on our radar sensor”, says Lars Lindell, CEO of Acconeer.