Blue Cromos, a Malmö-based company, has secured funding of over €100.000 (SEK 1.3 million) from Vinnova to develop ProTrack, a service for managing the digital product passports that the European Union is set to introduce in the coming years. This initiative, in collaboration with GS1 and Ahlsell, aims to provide a secure and efficient solution for handling digital product information, which will soon become mandatory for products sold within the EU. The digital product passports are expected to encompass details like environmental impact, repair and maintenance, recycling, and responsible production, along with certifications in sustainability and social responsibility.

ProTrack is designed to automate the consolidation, validation, and distribution of data for these digital product passports. It aims to simplify the management of information throughout the entire supply chain by using AI and blockchain technology. This system will create a secure, flexible, and efficient distribution chain for digital product information, complementing the conventional physical product distribution chain.

“Building this for digital product passports is just the beginning. In the long run, we see unprecedented opportunities for business development by combining physical products with digital added value. Only the imagination of business developers sets the limits.”

says Fredrik Malm, CEO of Blue Cromos

The implementation of digital product passports will be phased in sector by sector across the EU. While the exact details of the required data are still being finalized, it is anticipated that businesses will face significant challenges in sourcing, verifying, and maintaining accurate and up-to-date information. ProTrack by Blue Cromos is positioned as an automated digital distribution chain for product data, parallel to the physical product distribution chain.