Another interesting event this week was taking place in Lund. Black Pearl at Lund University is growing into a creative networking space for students and young entrepreneurs. FENA Lund, student entrepreneurship association, has been an active facilitator of this process. This fall they started hosting a series of recurring mingle events “Business & Beer”

“Every month we invite distinguished speakers within the field of entrepreneurship to share their experience. The purpose of these events is to inspire and help students and other entrepreneurial-minded people to start new ventures. We believe, that the combination of relaxed environment, carefully selected speakers and open-minded crowd is an excellent mixture to achieve this,” says Daniel Fülep, the President of FENA Lund.

This year “Business & Beers” were held on monthly basis and there is going to be one more event on the last Wednesday of April, in case you are thinking of going. The speakers at “Business & Beer” events usually leave the audience with some food for thought. Yesterday’s talk by Johan Staël von Holstein suggested the following insights for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Never take no for an answer
  • Life’s not fair, get used to it
  • Do not try to be good at everything, you will not succeed, focus on what you are actually good at
  • Two hours of extra work a day can erase any intellectual differences between people

Among previous speakers at the event were Alex Esser and Petter Palander who spoke on “The Art of Standing Out”.

When: Wednesday, April 23rd
Where: Black Pearl, Scheelevägen 15 A, 223 63 Lund, Sweden