Online Car Sales

Helsingborg based startup Bilprospekt is gaining recognition. Developed by Viktor Silfverström, Andrée Heino, Jakob Werner and Niklas Silfverström, Bilprospekt aims to digitise car sales. The developers recognise the way s in which the current car sale industry is rather outdated; in terms of sale methods as well as communication with the customers.

The project began as the website ‘’, which allowed customers to receive offers for cars based on their requirements. It was consequently developed into Bilprospekt by expanding to include an analysis tool for the sellers to ensure a completely digital car transaction. It is directed towards retailers which sell to both private customers and businesses. The service allows them to find suitable buyers as well as analyse the car market. The idea is also to provide sellers with statistics about how sales do in particular regions, how specific competitors behave and who their customers are.

For the customers, Bilprospekt creates statistics and compares retailers and brands.

“We need a tool that understands the car consumers’ market. We can make statistics and compare between different retailers and brands. The retailers which use the procurement tool can be connected to leads and the analysis tool, and also get some of the offers from . In this way, we combine the vendors who want to sell cars to people who really want to buy those cars.” says Niklas Silfverström, according to ComputerSweden.

Cheaper Prices To Be Found By Clients

The incentive for customers is being able to see a larger overview of the automotive market. Prices of cars can differ significantly in different towns and regions in Sweden. The ability to compare prices all over the country to find the cheapest (or best suited) car is lucrative to consumers.

“From a retailer’s perspective, a typical use of the service can be to go check in on the first of every month and maybe send an offer to the customers. Or maybe do a mailing to those who were customers 36 months ago, maybe it’s time for them to get something new. In addition, it is possible to follow up and see what happened with the customers after the transaction.” says Niklas Silfverström.

Today, Bilprospekt is only available in Sweden. They currently have around 80 retailers, three of which are general agents. The users are charged per month for the service. They are part of the THINK lean startup incubator and just recently left the co-working space Mindpark for their first own offices.