The FENA Challenge 2013 Final will present the innovative solutions from Lund’s international students on ‘How should Lund’s stakeholders within entrepreneurship and innovation progress to create possibilities for international students to start businesses and work in Sweden?’

The problem behind this challenge is that Sweden loses many successful foreign entrepreneurs with proven skills, because they are unable to start up their own business due to bureaucratic and monetary threshold barriers. FENA (Föreningen för Entreprenörskap och Nyföretagaranda) in Lund, in collaboration with a number of stakeholders started the FENA Challenge to find solutions by involving international students and helping them develop those solutions.

Students have been working on proposals for three weeks and have come to understand the situation through a number of workshops organized in collaboration with the Sten K Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, VentureLab The Creative Plot at Ideon Innovation, and Demola among others. A panel of experts will assess the solutions this Thursday at Ideon Gateway. Following the presentation will be a debate in which politicians and interest groups will discuss the proposals and the current situation in Sweden.

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When: Thursday December 5, 18:00 – 21:00
Where: Elite Hotel, Ideon Gateway Conference room tera, Lund