Internet i Fokus, one of the bigger conferences in the region this spring, is traditionally aimed at small and medium business and improving their knowledge in all areas digital. However, this spring, the conference organizers decided they wanted to use the conference to help promote and empower startups as well. Therefore a completely new startups section was made.

Winners from the entire region

A part of the startup section was a startup competition, which had four winners. The winner were from all over the region – both Copenhagen, Lund and Helsingborg. An interesting mix:

Except that the winner where in different business areas as well as from all over the region, wwo of the winning startups are part of the THINK lean startup incubator – an achievement they were proud of.

Deep dive into the startups


  • Created 8 month ago Daniel Krusenstråhle (previous co-founder at FOAP) and Sven Paulin with office in Helsingborg
  • Created an interface in cooperation with construction firms that allows to monitor the construction project
  • Workers can download an app to log in and out of work and communicate with their coworkers
  • Project manager can see life shipping, progress, pricing etc
  • Clients can also oversee the construction process
  • Their goal: to be a standard for the industry

“Fieldly has the vision to simplify the work in the industries that have staff on the ground. Our first version is aimed at the construction, plumbing and installation company, and consists of a web interface for staff in the office and apps for field staff. Our aim is to facilitate communication, make time tracking easy and do construction projects even more successful” said Sven Paulin from Fieldly (pictured above)


  • Started in november 2013, based in Copenhagen
  • 10.000 sign-ups to their service so far
  • Of those are 6.000 users (because it is MacOS only for now, the others are waiting for the Windows version)


  • Created 2011 in Lund
  • Initially consultancy project for Nordic sugar
  • Measures temperature outdoor, water, soil
  • Helps farmers to farm more economically and ecologically
  • Senseform can help cities to save energy, such as: L.A. 10.000 trees planted would lower city temperature by 2-3 degrees


  • Started in summer 2013 by law-students in Lund, now based in Helsingborg
  • A new standard clause enables plaintiffs to settle out of court, cheaply
  • Won the regional finale at Venture Cup
  • Just launching the first version of their service

Good luck to all the winners!

Image credit: Marcus Ngo