With the school year approaching to its end, entrepreneurship students at Lund University and companies at student incubator Venture Lab are getting ready to showcase their business projects in the annual Trade Show. The event is organized by Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship’s master’s students and VentureLab‘s incubator companies.

There will be some interesting things to see. Among the participants are the winners of Moment Affärsidé category at Venture cup You++ and PowUnity.

  • You++ is an online education platform that teaches the art of coding to primary school children.
  • PowUnity is a company that has created a product for ski enthusiasts which is called NeverLose. With its help skiers can find a lost ski easier and faster via bluetooth connection. NeverLose works via smartphone or a tiny remote control.

During the Trade Show, Johan Wendt, an award-winning social entrepreneur and the founder of Mattecentrum, will give a lunch seminar between 12-1 pm. The title of the seminar is The worst f#cking idea I have ever heard, where he will give advise on how to believe in yourself through the toughest times and the support available for those who want to change the world. For more info and registration click here.

After the Trade Show there will be a BBQ outside of the Black Pearl and later a panel discussion with selected alumni from VentureLab, Sten K. Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, FENA, and Student Innovation Center and also time to mingle.

Don’t forget to register.

When: May 7th, 10:00-15:00
Where: Ideon Agora, Scheelevägen 15, 223 70 Lund, Sweden