Coldfront, the conference focusing on front-end, will be held for the second time the 3rd september, at The Grand Theater.

The line-up for the one day conference include prominent names. In total there will be 8 speakers. One of them is Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, who will talk about real-life responsive web design and the challenge to build good, fast, and flexible responsive pages. Vitaly will also hold a full-day workshop the 2nd of september, regarding how to achieve the best results.

Alex Feyerke, part of the team, will talk about offline-first webapps, and how the modern webapps are built.

Patrick Hamann, a front-end engineer at the Financial Times and The Guardian, will talk about how to design systems which embrace the unpredictability. Things like how can you prioritise the delivery of core content and what best-practices there are to optimise assets.

David Rousset, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and in charge of driving adoption of HTML5 standards, will talk about Microsoft Edge, and why they decided to break from the past to build a brand new browser for Windows 10.

Another speaker is Jeremy Keith, a prominent person amongst Javascript and HTML5 scene, who will talk about how to develop in the modern browser. Web browsers have become so powerful that developers are now treating them as if they were a runtime environment as predictable as any other. But the truth is that we still need to deal with many unknown factors that torpedo the assumptions.

All speakers can be viewed here.

When: 3rd september 2015
Where: The Grand Theater, Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8, CPH
Tickets: Registration page