The Conference 2013 by Media Evolution just ran to the end last Friday. Organized annually in Malmö The Conference is one of the most prominent events in the region that focuses on factors that affect society from the perspective of media industry.

This year’s Conference kept up with high level of professionalism. Three major themes were “Human Behavior”, “New Technology” and “Make it Happen”. 40 different speakers from all over the world spoke about big data, learning, non visual communication, online harassment, responsive web design, boredom, change making and tactility in a digital world. Watch inspirational and thought-provoking The Conference’s video material here.

Among other interesting things, The Conference has also become a debut scene for Qnekt’s full version of iOS app according to the VentureBeat. In light of the recent investment Qnekt has a great potential. On top of regular features like schedule, map of the venue, and a list of speakers Qnekt users may see other conference attendees, receive notifications from event organizers, and take notes.

Next year’s conference is scheduled for August 18-22, 2014. Stay tuned for updates.