It’s time to hack! And this time for food! Krinova Science Park, Startup Studio and Ipiit are inviting food experts and food enthusiasts to put their skills and talents together and transform ideas about food sustainability into reality! In brief, the hackathon is a great place for chefs, designers, developers, students and entrepreneurs build networks, cross pollinate ideas, and create new products and tools to innovate and improve the food ecosystem.

According to Spice Kitchen + Bar there are 5 track suggestions so far:

  • Health, nutrition and fitness
  • Hardware innovation
  • Food production
  • Distribution
  • Food waste

But, of course, there will be place for creativity in case you come up with another interesting focus area.

The food hackathon will take place last weekend of September in Kristianstad, the food Mecca of Sweden. 60% of the Swedish food production occurs in a radius of a 150 km around Kristianstad. On top of that, here you find the only Science Park and Incubator in Sweden focusing on FOOD!

Check for schedule, accommodation and transpiration details here.

When: September 26-28, 2014
Where: Krinova Science Park, Kristianstad, Sweden