This is part of our biweekly column from the tech eventspace Foo Café.

More and more of our events are fully booked. But as we send a reminder allowing people to unregister before the event there will be some available seats.

So if you would like to attend an event which is fully booked, please check the evening before the event. Some free seats might become available.


This week is packed with different events.

In a few hours we will have a lunch event, starting today at 11.30. It’s about “Importance of online self-branding and networking to build credibility as a leader

Later today it’s once again time for Demo Dag, where you can see or present anything that works. People present their hobby projects and there is always cool stuff on show.

On Thursday we have two events at the same time:

Startup Dojo – by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Join in and listen to the next successful product in Malmö.

Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group have their meet-up and focus tonight is on Security in Code. This event is fully booked but if you would like to attend, please check availability on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

Friday lunch is Social Media Com_ back with “To be a teenager in Social Media


More coming up …

Next Thursday is time for Malmö FrontBox, the monthly front-end developer meet-up with the classic theme “It works on my machine

Monday October 5 we have an internationally renowned speaker: Oren Eini a.k.a. Ayende Rahien the founder of RavenDB. He will talk about “Architecture Tower of Babel

October 7. A case study about Advanced Scalingpresented by the team behind Neo4j (Graphic database).

October 8 – Functional programming for the Object Oriented

And much more (of course)

Please note.
If you are interested in becoming a Tech-talker or just being better at making presentations, we are starting an evening course on October 20 that will go on for six Tuesday evenings, read more about it here.

See you soon
Michael, Carina & Ebba